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I disagree with Lieberman for placing the F30 dead last. It should, at least, come in before the Merc.

I have not had a chance to test drive the F30 but I have a feeling that I may be disappointed in the steering if it's anything like the E92 335is (I daily drove a 2011 for almost 10 days recently). Coming from the 1M the 3'er felt quite slow and lazy to change direction. I also did not like the suspension which was much, much harder riding than the 1'er.

The ATS is an intriguing package. I can see myself cross shopping the F30 M3 against an ATS-V in a few years, especially if Cadillac fixes the 'bling' interior and the horrible touch (me-and-crash) screen system.

We all know that MT is a shill-rag. Lieberman though, has a decent reputation from when he used to write for Jalopnik. Of course, since he no longer works for the Gawker group, that may be neither here no there.
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