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Originally Posted by NiceNotRiceBMW View Post
I should start by saying that I am only 19 years old... I work full time as a photographer, and can afford my car. HOWEVER, I want to know if there is anyway to refinance a lease? I currently am getting screwed after looking around and researching forums. I have a 12' 328i sport line.
Black leather w/ red stitching
Red accents
Cold weather package
Premium package
Msrp: $43,000

Paid $4,000 down.
$597 per month.
12 k per year
I had a cosigner(thinking it would give me a better lease rate)

Anyone with any ideas?
You can always refiance your car as a loan and not a lease
Just go to a bank and let them know you want to refinance the payoff amount on your lease, and based on your credit (which should've improved by making loan payments on time) and I'm sure your interest rate will go down. If not, ask a cosigner again and shop around the banks to see what your best rate is. If you need extra help, pm me and I'll help as much as I can as I'm in the banking industry