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LOL @ everyone who's making excuses and using their opinions as criteria for which is the better car. Yes, you should buy the car that makes you happy but to compare all cars using the segment as the criteria, I don't know why people find it so hard to believe that BMW got trumped. For as long as I can remember, BMW always won because of one thing, driving feel whether that be stiff steering and hard suspension. Now Cadillac took over that role. You guys can argue about how the exterior or interior can't match the Germans, who cares. BMW's were never judged on that so that shouldn't even be used against the Cadillac, sure it might matter to you - good but not for comparing as to see which is the better car in this segment.

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Am I missing something? Did he put ATS in 1st solely on just steering feel?
Yes, so what? Again, BMW's always won for that fact. This is nothing towards you personally, but everyone really need to take off the fanboy shades and go back and see why BMW's won all those comparisons, I'll tell you one thing, it wasn't because of their plain interior, sometimes bad exteriors or iDrive...