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mmmm I think it's a fine line between profiling and stereotyping...

Me, well I'm not that old, not that well dressed and generally not that keen looking when going into dealerships/retail shops. I say not that keen looking because I think that there's always other options so I try to keep an open mind about dealing with people who don't/won't budge.

This probably works against me most the time cos the sales reps from whichever retailer I'm at, generally looks at me and thinks I'm some punk wasting their time. To that, I'd have to say doesn't bother me too much. I do get a little annoyed sometimes but I'm used to it and like I said, I don't really dress the part. So at the end of the day it's their loss of business so oh wells. But when I do get a sales rep that doesn't treat me like a timewaster, I really appreciate it and don't give them a hard time with any bargaining etc and usually buy something anyways. In this day and age, most the time before heading into a retailer I've already done my research and pretty sure I know what I want. I just need someone to physically show me the product and confirm what I know. Sounds crazy right? Yet so many retailers still get it wrong ....