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Originally Posted by V8 View Post
I'm sorry, I just can't believe this. I had to borrow a C300 for 3 weeks waiting for my M6 and that car was awful.
The interior is unbelievably cheap feeling. I mean beyond cheap plastics and don't even get me started on MB Tech, the rubber 'leather' they use on the seats.

I also had to laugh how close he made out the 2 navigation systems. Again the Merc one is from another era, totally useless with a hideous GUI.

I've driven a new 328i loaner and that car is infinitely more refined inside.

Also the Merc is one wallowing whale of a car, just a real pice of shit.

Makes me wonder who's payroll these guys are on....
Was the C300 you drove a 2011+ car? Thats when MB refreshed the C class and seriously upgraded the previously horrid interior.

That would be "MB Tex". Its not leather and neither is BMW's "P-Leatherette"

I believe he did mock the MB Nav system appropriately. I agree with you that its pretty crap and behind the times.

Not so sure I agree that the C series refresh is a "wallowing whale" but I agree with you that its not better than the F30. I drove two C350 Sports trying to like that car. I just don't love MB engineering. Some do, I don't.