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I've found it odd where I work because about two thirds of my customers are your typical tradespeople - electricians or data/comms guys that get about in stubbies and t-shirts and drive Ford Transits or Hilux utes. I thought more of them would be impressed with my new car but it turns out they all drive Bimmers or Mercs or Audis on the weekend. Most of them are self-employed, do a lot of cash-in-hand work, and generally aren't too bad off. They look like one thing during the week but when they're not working, they're probably as likely a looking BMW buyer as anyone else.

Regarding good sales reps, I was very disappointed with my overall experience with BMW, despite loving the car. I started out making enquiries at Trivetts Classic in Parramatta and the sales rep there was awesome - always had time for me, was very prompt with returning calls and emails and arranged several test drives (including taking my wife out for a test drive while I minded our baby).

However my employer suggested that I get a price through their fleet purchasing company, which I did, getting a $7k discount. Before I knew what was going on, my order was placed with BMW North Shore. I called and apologised to the rep at Trivetts because I had wanted to buy from him, but had little control after the order was placed. He was very understanding and congratulated me on the new car.

The rep at North Shore BMW was their fleet sales rep, so he was obviously used to dealing with bulk orders, orderers who weren't the final driver and generally hands-off customers. I never felt like he tried to build a rapport or did much to cement the seller/buyer relationship. He also made two mistakes on my order (that I managed to correct before they went to the factory), was very poor about returning emails and phone calls, and made me feel like I was an inconvenience whenever I managed to catch up with him.

After it was all said and done though, I was happy with the final outcome, and I've got five years before I need to decide which BMW dealer to go to next.
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