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Originally Posted by drob23 View Post
Wow...those are some pretty nice hardware upgrades. Brings it into borderline pc specs.
More like tablet specs.

OK, I'll play devils advocate and say why do you need those kind of upgrades??? Are you really going to be multitasking or launching software other than the included stuff? People gonna run PS2 emulators on their cars!?!? Admittedly I haven't read all the details of the updates beyond the improved navigation look.
Speed improvement. If you use the current 2009+ iDrive you know the system can be a bit slow. Not horribly slow, but not super responsive. The new system is NOT. Its noticeably faster.

Also has a dedicated 3D GPU. New Nav has real 3D elements, but don't quite envision Google Earth here. Its still somewhat old school 3D for the most part. Some of the Nav 3D elements are handy and can be useful in locating your destination. Maybe, if you are willing to stare at an LCD when your eyes should be on the road.

The new system also has some menu improvements which are arguably nice.

I for one would never want to deal with software updates on a car's bad enough dealing with android and ios upgrades, but on a car?? You want it to work like advertised, nothing more nothing less. IMO the biggest area of improvement would have to be UI/integration within the car itself.
Don't be concerned, BMW has this down. The current NEC based iDrive has been dealer upgraded a couple times. I recall getting a fairly updated experience sometime in 2011. Same hardware, new software with tweaks.

New system will get the same over time. BMW is unlikely trying to replace users tablets. Its a car and will stay a car infotainment system. That's all!

The extra hard drive size is great though!
Jury is still out on how much free space will be available on new Nav system. Surely the new OS and info stored for graphics require additional HD space.