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Well you have to put it in perspective. First, BMW has to keep up with features offered by competitors, apps and such. That type of integration needs processing power. Second, these Nav systems typically have 5 year lifespans before they appear dated. The current system was introduced for MY2009, and surely was in development for 1-2 years prior. Several MY2013 and MY2014 cars will still use the current system, so they got a solid 5 years out of it. Now, with the new system, they have to build it fast enough now to support 5 more years of use/applications.

I've updated the software on my '12 M3, it was painless.

If you want to see the new iDrive in action, here is a video

If you're familiar with the current-gen system, you'll immediately notice the increase speed based on user input, as well as more detail in the maps.
2011 Combox upgrade allowed BMW to add the current Apps (and BT/iPod enhancements). Not sure what else they might do with new Nav but I suspect it won't be huge (feature-wise).

Remember, its a car and BMW needs to maintain that driver focus is on the road.

Let users use their phones/tablets to do the other "distracting" stuff.