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Originally Posted by Tacoma View Post
I've been have been a BMW fanatic back to the E30 days and reading car enthusiast magazines from US, UK and Canada for decades and I don't recall one article where they have criticized BMW for their "emphasize too much on sport."

Quite the contrary, BMW wins most enthusiasts comparisons BECAUSE of their sportiness feel, balance, handling and connection to the road. Back in the E36 days, 325i weren't always the fastest, but by being more "sporty" it won comparision test for these reasons. Bottome line, BMW's were more fun to drive. This established BMW 3-Series as the ultimate sports sedan that journalists is the model that others tried to copy.

Circa 2013 model and the tables are turned, with the ATS being more sporty, essentially beating BMW at it's own game. And so BMW loses this comparison because it was too numb, inferior handling, i.e., not sporty, not fun to drive compared to the Caddy. This is very consistent with the past, so I'm not sure why some of you are being defensive. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

I for one am happy that Caddy (of all brands) has raised the standard. Now it's up to BMW to respond to become even better than before. This is good for all of us future potential buyers.
+1. People nitpick at small things and say that the F30 may not be the best at everything but it's the most balanced so that's why it should win over the ATS. Well Audi isn't the best at everything so why isn't anyone saying Audi should top BMW in comparisons? Oh yeah, because BMW is the more fun car to drive. Why don't we apply the same rules for the ATS? Because they're Cadillac? At the end of the day, ATS beat BMW and the 3-Series at their own game.

You may prefer to buy the F30 because of x and y but it's no longer the best in the segment which is determined on which car is the most fun/sporty.