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Originally Posted by drob23 View Post
The smooth interface is great, but is it improved aside from menu's and snappyness?
That's it in a nutshell. Right now. 5/7 series get some addt'l features like being able to direct audio to left or right rear headphone jacks.

Is the current implementation built on google maps? That would be a great upgrade...The view from the street - not so great IMO, I never use this with google nav on my phone.
New Nav has a street view but not sure its Google. Based on BMW's past, it likely is. I agree street view is cute, that's all. I have little time to stop and look at street view while I'm driving. At home its fun and sometimes useful.

Why do they upgrade all that hardware but not improve the resolution of the screen? That would make this a must have upgrade. It would also be cool if there was an HDMI input, so you could hook up your phone to the display.
Why do they need a high res LCD? Until BMW decides to display uber-detailed imaging, they don't need it.

I guess I'm just surprised that there's so much interest and people canceling orders just to have a snappier interface, better menu's and better social media.
Stop visiting forums. 95% of people don't cancel orders and most don't really care if they get the old Nav. As long as the Nav does what they need, they're happy.

I have a CA friend still selling 2012 7 series and he tells me that the vast majority of customers could care less about the new Nav, even the younger buyers.

At a certain point hardware tends to outpace software...there really isn't a noticeable difference between a core2duo and ivy bridge
But you can't get a Core2Duo (discontinued) CPU with Ivy Bridge. You can get a 3rd Gen Core i3/i5/i7.