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Originally Posted by claykin View Post
New Nav has a street view but not sure its Google. Based on BMW's past, it likely is. I agree street view is cute, that's all. I have little time to stop and look at street view while I'm driving. At home its fun and sometimes useful.
If it uses online google search then this would be awesome...although it's a double edged sword - what happens when no data connection??

Originally Posted by claykin View Post
Why do they need a high res LCD? Until BMW decides to display uber-detailed imaging, they don't need it.
Higher res screen is always awesome!!!! Maybe not more detail but definitely more information on-screen - confession: I'm a real estate snob - using 1080p on a 13" laptop.

Originally Posted by claykin View Post
Stop visiting forums. 95% of people don't cancel orders and most don't really care if they get the old Nav. As long as the Nav does what they need, they're happy.

I have a CA friend still selling 2012 7 series and he tells me that the vast majority of customers could care less about the new Nav, even the younger buyers.
Yea, fair enough but my point was really directed towards people here. Seems like some are having enough problems just getting on a boat, so this - "If my car has the old nav I'm through with this CA and ordering another" makes me

Originally Posted by claykin View Post
But you can't get a Core2Duo (discontinued) CPU with Ivy Bridge. You can get a 3rd Gen Core i3/i5/i7.