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Originally Posted by Carnook View Post

1. BMW really needs to redo the front bumper on the 3 series to make it more agreesive and pretty. The M Sport bumper shows just how much of an improvement a new bumper can make.

2. Reviewers of iDrive always forget to mention the programmable memory buttons, which make it even easier to use. And the hover-over feature is great!

3. Mercedes command centre sucks.

4. Cadillac... where are the buttons!? Touch surfaces suck (not to be confused with touch screens).

5. The reviewer doesn't like the 3 series driving experience because its too sophisticated. He wants less sophistication and more raw, scary driving with a hard bumpy suspension and heavy steering. Yeah I'll stick with my 335i thanks.
The ATS wasn't out when I ordered my Msport but I would test driven it if it was.

I finally got a chance to sit not drive in an ATS 2.0.
I really like their sport seats, somewhat rivals the BMW in comfort.
The thigh bolsters feel better/thicker in the ATS.
Over all the BMW seats are better as the let/thigh extensions feel better.

ATS steering wheel NOT as good as Msport. ATS rim is too thin similar to sport line, but sport line wheel looks better.
There is a bit more left shoulder room in the ATS as the inner door panel doesn't intrude like the 3 series, which curves towards the driver. I don't understand why BMW did that. If they would have simply left the door panel flat along the whole length it would be more comfortable, not that it's bad, but comparatively the ATS is a bit better in that aspect.

The CUE system looks pretty, but using it SUCKS.
Back to the drawing board Cadillac. Touch response sucks, very delayed..
When you touch the screen the panel kind of moves to make it feel as if you've touched a button. Fail. Instead it feels like the panel is loose.
Doesn't feel good.

Pictures don't do the ATS justice. In person it has some really cool lines.
It's different, but it's a cool different. It certainly isn't generic. It's quite unique. The exhaust finishers are sweet, nicer than my Msport.
The only odd part is the rear trunk lip when looked at from the side. It gives the car an unneeded longer look. It could be better.
The sport wheels on the 2.0 sport I saw were BORING, very bland.
BMW still has most makers beat on wheels design and finish.
I'm really looking forward to test driving one.
So far, great job by Cadillac.