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Originally Posted by Cisitalia View Post
Well I thought overall the ATS was better than the 3 series that is why I bought one. That is from a long time German car lover and BMWCCA member for 15 years. I could have bought any BMW or German car in that segment, but I thought the new ATS did better overall. Some people should try looking outside of the box.

Certain things BMW does better at and the ATS does better at other things. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I am so tired of the BMW look and the ATS looks way more modern and fresh, from inside to outside. The 3 series just keeps getting bigger, heavier and uglier. I say the only thing now going for it is the wonderful N54/N55 engine.

I got the 2013 ATS premium 3.6L V6 with magnetic ride suspension, Brembo front brakes and a real LSD. I think the CUE is wonderful and works great and no complaints. The interior quality is much better than the 3 series.

Some people are not open minded and have made up their minds, before they even look objectively at other options. Well to each their own.
Congrats on the new ATS!
Nice set up too.

CUE works well? Maybe the one I tried had problems because using it really sucked. Might have been a bad one though.

I like the ATS interior, it's very nice and the materials have a nice feel.
I like the dash surrounded in stitched leather, if it's' leather, I couldn't tell.
But it felt good and looks great.

I agree that people should be open minded and judge things once they have actually tried it.
At the same time, you must then accept that there are and will be those who have tried it and didn't like it no matter if you think it's new and fresh.
Not everyone likes the same things.
I don't find the F30's design boring at all. It's very fresh to my eyes.
After the not so great to look at early E90 the F30 is quite refreshing.
The facelift on the E90 did wonders for it, but that interior was gawd awful.