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Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post
It IS a drivers car, when equipped with the proper gear, namely the sport/Msport package, and then driven in "sport/sport+" mode.
And other modes and packages are deemed too civilized for a "sport" sedan.

BTW, do you own an F30, or are you here just to poke at actual F30 owners whenever you read something about the F30 that favors your view of it?
No, I do not own a F30 because I feel BMW dropped the ball with this model. It is not a good looking car to me and judging by the reviews, its not a better driving car then past 3 series. I've been a BMW fan for a very long time, I just do like the direction they are taking, and their current cars show it. I'm happy the Cadillac beat the BMW at their own game.
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