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Originally Posted by akeresztes View Post
Anyone know how to reset check engine light on F30?

I redid my coding on HUCIC module to resolve the HD radio issue (don't think it was a real issue - my reception may just be poor since it works for some stations and not others that were working earlier on other side of town).

Anyways after fixing that, I did some coding on KOMBI module (playing with HUD settings) and when I started car next time the check engine/emissions light was on. I drove to work and back and car seems fine.

Ill be restoring the KOMBI settings but don't though if that will reset the light. Anyone have any tips on how to do that?
Try this.

Assuming the fault condition no longer exists, to clear the fault code.

1) Launch C:\EDIABAS\Bin\TOOL32.EXE
2) Hit F3
3) Load C:\EDIABAS\Ecu\F01.PRG
4) In the "Select Job: F01" window, select FS_LOESCHEN_FUNKTIONAL
5) Hit F5
6) "Results" window should show "JOB_STATUS = OKAY"

Hopefully, Problem Solved.

Note: fs_lesen_funktional only read fault codes, FS_LOESCHEN_FUNKTIONAL will delete it.

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