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Originally Posted by pany View Post
Thanks again.
I thought that's how it should work and has with all previous cars.
I usually have recirculation set to off/ outside air, that might be part of the issue, but again that's how I've set the system up with other manufacturers.
Should still work fine with outside air, it is the recirculation mode that can cause the misting.

I do wonder if there is something not working correctly. I've used BMW systems up here for years, where we have very quick temperature and humidity changes, and the systems cope very well in all conditions on full auto, with all vents open.

Current car (F11) with a very similar HVAC system to the F30, works well even on a low air intensity.

Are you sure the chiller part is working? Will it chill if you push the "max" button, or lower the temperature? If the system can't dehumidify you will have issues in some conditions.

Why I ask, some of what you describe is what can happen if you don't have the full A/C function working, that can cause misting and all sorts of air flows.