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Originally Posted by Dabaitu View Post
Driving out of the city this evening on my way home, some mentally disturbed person walks out directly into traffic, right in front of me.

I stop in time (40km/h speed limit in CBD).

My mistake at this point is to blare my horn, as he then turns, glares at me, rants something and kicks the front of my car, before proceeding to walk across another three lanes to the ire of others.

I thoroughly checked my car out when I get home and there's a slight scuff to the silvered part of my right kidney grill, but otherwise no other damage or marks.

So lesson learned is next time, let the freak continue to walk and allow discretion to be the better part of valour. Unless it's safe to pull over and beat the snot out of him.
You blew your horn at a mentally disturb person?? Why? u stopped in time anyway... what more do you want.