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Originally Posted by fshubert View Post
All a matter of taste and who posts. I looked at the M-Sport package and opted for Sportline due to if I was going to have the M badge, it would be on a true M car. I just need to come to terms with the cost adder for that badge. Who knows. I get a new car every 3 years. Maybe an M is in the future come 2015. Will have to see how the new M3 sedans look and are priced. But for all the 3-series cars I see on the road, I'm the rarity with the F30 and for all the E90's I see, fewer than 10% are M-Sport. I think many those who post on this site are the enthusiasts with the M-Sport and Sportline packages. But in the end, all are 3-series lovers.
You do know that there is no real m badge on any of the m-sports right? Except a tiny one on the steering wheel. I prefer the body style and the fact that its lower. That being said I am a young guy who likes flashy things yet still want the amazing mpg, either way I really like the new 3 series definitely an improvement from the e9x's
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