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Originally Posted by Yobyot View Post
A common misperception is that ABS helps you stop shorter.

Incorrect. ABS ensures that you can steer during what would normally be a situation in which the wheels would lock up. In fact, when ABS is operating, you will definitely take longer to stop in terms of distance.

Think about it: without ABS, you'd lose all control of the car because you're skidding. ABS is not about decreasing stopping distance; it's about maintaining control of the direction of the car.

The tires in this car may have added to the stopping distance. But it sounds like speed was the real issue, as it almost always is.
You're wrong on this point . While it will allow you to steer because your wheels haven't locked up,to say it will take longer to stop just isn't true. On wet pavement or icy conditions ABS will stop shorter.