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I've had almost every canon lens. The 24-105 is a great, lightweight lens, excellent on FF body. But I'm addicted to primes. So I only break out the 24-105 for vacations. That IS is fantastic while sitting on the top of a tour bus, while cruising around a new city.

I used to use the 16-35 for car events. 24-105 for whatever. Recently I've shot a ton of portrait sessions. 135L at first. Then 50L. Now 85L. After a few years, I now have my dream lineup, holy trinity of primes 35L 85L 135L, and the two aforementioned zooms.

35L is amazing for low light, hell, NO light.... Handheld too.

Since using the primes, my creativity, IQ, and bokeh have improved a good bit. So much that I haven't used the 16-35 much at all.

Cheers to my Canon and BMW brethren.