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Originally Posted by bnekic View Post
I ordered the Sportline since I wanted fog lights and I actually like the look of the bumper. The M-sport bumper just makes it look like a fake M3...sorry.
I think the sport line looks very nice. I kept going between sport and Msport and finally decided on Msport due to the front end style, wheels, and M steering wheel.
I like the look of the front end lighting with fog lights, but I don't any actual need for them.

I don't think the Msport looks like a fake M at all, and I'm not just saying that because I have one.
The actual M has a distinct look all it's own.
Those who would know will know an actual M from an Msport, and those who don't could care less in the first place.
So no one is being faked or fooled.
Msport is simply a cosmetic pkg for those who want their 3 to look different from other 3's.