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Originally Posted by DarkTrigger View Post
So I currently have a 328i base loaner. The only option it has on it is the premium package. I was falling in love with it, flinging it around the corners and getting up to the speed limit in a split second at every light. Until I went around a turn and discovered alarmingly that all the cars were at a dead stop (multi car accident that just happened) so I had to break hard, really hard. ABS had activated but I wasn't stopping as fast as I needed to! Now these are all seasons, which I think had a lot to do with it. I stopped probably less than 1 foot away from the bumper of the vehicle in front of me.

I had another emergency stop a few years ago that I had to do in my z4 and the 328i was pathetic in comparison. I must give it some credit though, if I was in my Honda Accord, I'd be one more car in the accident which already had 4 cars in it.

I miss my car already. In all fairness, I think the 328i would be great with the M-sport package. However, my problem is that I would have too much fun with it. The 335i is heavier and feels more planted with more growl, which makes me want to drive it normally, knowing you have power if you need it. I needed to constantly push the 328i to hear the engine noise I love. Also, I didn't think you could get 20 MPG for the 328i, but apparently you can...

I haven't tried breaking hard in my 335i M Sport, but I sure hope it's better than this one otherwise I gotta start driving more slowly.

Just thought I needed to share.
It's all about the tires.

NO sport or Msport should ever come from BMW with touring tires, EVER.
Heck, no BMW period should come with touring tires.