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Originally Posted by justinnum1 View Post
I test drove a msport 328 too. was very disappointed in the brakes in al lines of the 328. Not sure if you ever drove an e90 but its noticeable better.
I'll second that.
Braking is more about the tires, but the feel is important in terms of how the driver perceives over all braking.

My 135i and the E90's brakes have a better feel at the pedal. There is less travel before initial bite.
Also to get more braking you apply more force with less pedal travel in the 135i and E90.
With the F30 there is more travel to get more brake force, and that gives the impression that braking is not as good. But in reality it stops fairly quickly.

I have an Msport which has the more "aggressive" brake pad compound.
Initial bite and overall bite are a tad stronger, but the pedal still feels like the sport line or any other variant of the F30.
Plus, I HATE the thunk from the brake pedal when it's released.
This thunk was in every F30 I test drove. My 135i didn't have this at all, and neither did the E90's I drove. I had an E90 loaner a couple of months ago, a base Xdrive, and it's pedal action felt better than my Msport, and NO thunk on pedal release.
BMW really needs to fix that thunk, and then fix the pedal feel.
They did it right before so why not on a new model?
If it ain't broke then don't break it, but they did.

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