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2012/13 Sat Nav problems

OK covered 600+ miles now in the 330D MS, mixed runs have given 43/45/46 MPG that includes london driving and mostly heavy rain driving and 75/80MPH went ever possible.
However one problem.........Pro Nav it sends me on longer routes than necessary to reach destinations : examples ASDA Layton, it sent me 5 miles up the A12 instead of diving off at the roundabout to Layton which was 400 yards from ASDA
2/ Example : Westfields Stratford, was NOT on SAT-Nav map !!!, directed me up a dead end street the wrong side of a railway.
3/ Bow roundabout on the A12, I needed to go Left, sat nav said take third exit and showed it in the HUD which ment going back the way I came!!!!!.
I could go on but BMW UK said my car was the first they have heard of this problem, I told them the loaner did Exactly the same sending me up exit ramps and back on the carriageways.
So now the car has to go back to BMW listers on Wednesday for some software check!!!!!.
I do not trust this Nav system any more and after paying 2K for it well pissed off.
PS) this is a problem in ALL modes, that are possible to try.
Been on to BMW UK, they are looking onto it at the Technical Department.
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