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Originally Posted by Yobyot View Post
It's the lack of understanding about ABS that makes so many yahoos drive like they do, especially in inclement weather and in 4WD/AWD vehicles. We have a special name for them here in Boston: "Massholes."

See this link. Hopefully, you'll accept the facts and alter your driving to match the laws of physics.
I'm not arguing the fact that you still have control to steer because your wheels haven't locked up.But you stated it never will stop you shorter Thats the exact reason it WILL stop shorter on wet pavment and ice. I haven't survive 25+ yrs of upstate NY winter driving, being surrounded by 2 major lakes with no accidents and 2' of lake affect snow every other day for no reason.I understand ABS & I understand threshold braking having raced raced cars for a good part of my life.
Under tips for driving ABS. Its reads like its broken down for someone who's never driving a car but it doesn't make it less true.National safety Council agrees & thats just the 1st one to pop up. There are many more I can list.

Hopefully you'll accept that fact that if you're non ABS brakes lock on sheer ice , you're at the mercy of momentum until the car stops(objects in motion tend to stay in know physics)But if you have ABS in that situation, ABS keeps the brakes from locking and continues on slowing in conjunction with the brakes & tires instead of being at the mercy of the just the friction between your tires and the ice.You stated in ALL situation and thats not true,,its been tested and proven over and over again.MAybe you can adjust your driving to except that fact Heres another one. The NHST agrees, its a long read but in there it says the myth is that ABS will shorten your braking distance(which I fully agree ,in most case it takes longer to stop but not all). While this is mostly not true there are situations in which ABS will shorten your stopping distance (ice ). I'm sure the NHST has done more testing then you of me

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