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Originally Posted by giorgioarmani View Post
DSC safety interrupts on hwwy after i changed to michelin alpin winter tires from a non bmw garage yesterday. (private garage confirmed from michelin that these tires are compatible)

And i mean total baby mode. Funny thing is, i can floor it all i want on normal roads but when i get on the highway boom nanny dsc mode.

I got the michelin alpins non runflat in the same exact dimensions as the summer runflats for the 19 inch stock wheels.

Dealer says it s cause the car is developed for runflats (especially my xdrive)and the tires are probably too soft hence the issue. wow, dsc can only work in harmony to runflats ok.. tell me thats a joke?

besides that, they dont know what it could be casue no error codes are being thrown they say, lol, and that it might be the surface of the hgwy being the culprit and that had i had them install tires which is what i 'should' have done this wouldnt be happening now.

and apparently all bmws now have runflats...

fuckin A will it ever end? can my car just be my car?

any ideas? gonna put the summers back on cause i cant drive like this...
I am experiencing the same thing with my Blizzak LM-60s that I had installed on the OEM M Sport 18s this morning. Even the lightest acceleration triggers it -- it's very disconcerting....6th gear at 70mph and giving a tiny bit of gas to speed up slightly will trigger it. Granted, it is unseasonably warm right now (50 degrees F), I'm hoping it's not as much of a problem when the tires are broken in and we have ACTUAL "winter" temperatures here to stiffen up the rubber a bit. It's definitely better in Sport+ so I may be running Sport + all the time while it's still this warm out.