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Originally Posted by Tra08R View Post
thats interesting.. every time I walk into Zetland Audi I get the royal treatment.. coffee, cake, offered a ride in the RS4 and then the TT R or something, each time i walk away not putting down a deposit (twice in 3 yrs)

North Sydney BMW is the absolute crappiest, BMW hands down in sydney (FROM MY Experience - I Stress). Wanted to buy a 135i literally had a wad of $10,000 in my soft leather briefcase after converting my US dollars.. told sales guy I want a test drive, he said ok..then walked off..made me wait 15mins standing there.. he never came back.. after 5 more mins.. drove myself to BMW sydney sat in the 135i realise its not the car for me as it was just too small.. 30mins later paper work all done on my e92.
Yeah I guess they all have good and bad. Why would they offer you a ride in rs4 or tts, were they the cars you were enquiring on? What e92 did you get!

Originally Posted by dcg71 View Post
Lol. Like everyone else, dealers do a little bit of stereotyping. Just convince them that you're their best chance of making a sale. Old mate seems to have the right idea. Clearly he's convinced T that he's about to drop a deposit on an A1 at any moment.