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Originally Posted by gomichaelkgo View Post
Hello All,

I ordered a 335 with exactly the options I wanted back in late Oct. It has now finished production and has been released to the carrier.

I left the dealer with only a build sheet, order number and a verbal agreement that the price would be invoice+$1000-incentives. But, I didn't get any signed contract to that effect or put down a deposit.

Is the dealer likely to try and up the price we agreed upon? What tricks could they play on me at this point? I have little trust for car dealers, so I'd like to know what traps I could fall for.


Well, as you have nothing in writing, they could try and sell the car to someone else at a higher profit margin. If your CA leaves his current position you might be especially vulnerable. Assuming they don't do that, a few other things they could try:

Tack on various fees on top of your invoice + $1,000, such as:

MACO (Advertising)

Your build sheet should outline which of the above fees (if any) are already included in the "invoice" price. Training and MACO are commonly included. "Documentation" is a spurious charge that you should absolutely NOT pay on-top of your invoice+$1k.

They might try to insist you get VIN etching on your windows. They will almost definitely try to sell you obscenely overpriced add-ons, such as:

Tire insurance
Wheel insurance
Extended warranty

Good luck with your final negotiation; let us know how it goes!