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M Performance Brakes Questions

I'm new to the forum.

I recently had M-Performance brakes installed on my 2013 335i M-Sport line, and have a couple of questions:

1. When I picked up the car from the dealer after install, I found the brake pedal to be incredibly soft, and braking unresponsive. I almost had to pump the pedal. Braking was much worse than with the stock brakes, no bite at all. After dropping $3.3k on this "performance brakes" upgrade (parts & labor), I was extremely disappointed with the result and found it completely unacceptable. The dealer accepted to re-bleed the system, no questions asked. When he brought the car back, the mechanic told me he took great care to bleed the entire system, and that the feel on the pedal was now firm and good. I drove away, and found the pedal feel to be improved, but still not as firm as it should be in my opinion. I have now driven a few days and tested the brakes under various conditions, and they still feel soft to me, with no bite, and I have to depress the pedal hard to get decent braking response, and the pedal gives way more than I think it should. My son's Hyundai Elantra has a firmer pedal and better braking response!!! If anyone has upgraded to M-Performance brakes, I would be interested in hearing about your experience and your candid assessment of the level of braking performance achieved, relative to the stock set up.

2. I live in the Northeastern US and need snow wheels/tires. I read on several articles that 18" rims will clear the M-performance brakes. I ordered a set of TSW rims and blizzak tires. Before shipping, the outfit with which I ordered them, checked the fit on a 335i with the same brakes that they happened to have on hand, and could not fit them. The wheel spokes clear the calipers, no problem, but the rims are just a few mm too tight, radially. They now claim that I need 19" rims. Is it possible that some 18" rims may not fit around these calipers?