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LTBMW 1M Bumper = Installed

Just got my LTBMW 1M bumper from LTBMW in California. For those who do not know, its an f30 bumper molded with the bottom half of the 1m, so fitment is nearly there. I received it today by Pilot freight, and started installing. Overall pretty easy, the ducts were confusing, and fitment was not exact. It took me a while to figure out, but eventually it was on and tight. the only problem i see is that the bottom does not attach at all, leaving the bottom of the flexible thing in the wheel wells and under the car exposed, so i tucked it under. unfortunately when i was driving the wind pushed the wheel well flexible things into the wheel and shredded it up , so i will need a new one. i also need to figure out how to fit honey comb into the side vents rather then leaving them open because the ducts dont fit. although, it does look amazing. new grills will be installed tomorrow, as well as the new flexible things in the wheel covers with brackets to hold it. thanks to ltbmw! i love it

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