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Originally Posted by pkim1079 View Post
I have a loaded though no line 328i and have been out to track days. It works just fine to me. Planning on going to laguna seca in dec with it. Am I not a perf driven enthusiast?

Question to OP. Where is your vision on a corner? Are you looking at the corner?
I always look where I'm going (looking 5 seconds ahead if possible). I've actually been trained by my company for driving since we take our company cars around downtown Los Angeles.

It was a quick curve which goes into a tunnel under an airport runway. The speed limit was 50, and everyone was at a dead stop right around the bend. My reaction time was excellent, but I think I would put more blame on the tires since I noticed a lack of grip. The breaks were weak as well, in my opinion. However, the best breaks in the world wouldn't help those tires out.

There was a 135i behind me, but he had no problem stopping....