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Originally Posted by F30AM View Post
Every time I get a new car, which is every 2-3 years, I have aN awful 2-3 weeks afterwards.

It goes like this:

(1) I get a raging cold which ends up as a chest infection. I tried different times of the year for delivery, but the illness never fails to embrace me!
(2) I get a couple of parking tickets ...... it's amazing how they target a new car.
(3) I always have to park under a tree and get peppered with birdy pooh pooh.
(4) I dent the car and have to call the Dentman (Martin Leach: he's amazing) to massage away the dents.

Always these 4 things,


This time I'll garage the BMW for the first 3 weeks and keep driving the GTI.
It is for this reason I did not sell the GTI before I got the BMW.
Feel for you mate, I hope my wows are coming to an end.
Live for now, life is too short.
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