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That's just it...all three of my previous BMW's had stock systems in them. They sounded FANTASTIC. Actually, my 328 Touring I just traded in had the best stereo I've heard. So clear...amazing bass response. All standard equipment.

My current Z4, standard speakers/stereo...amazing sound quality.

In the new F30...the sound is so muddy.



So I've had the car for 3 days now and the sound is either getting better with speaker wear-in or I'm just getting used to the crappy sound. lol.

I took it back to the dealer and tested the audio in another F30. There was definitely a difference and I'm glad to say the dealer also heard the difference. There is something definitely wrong with my stereo.

Someone in the service department said there was a software update for the system so I have to go back in to get it updated. Thing is, I can understand why a software update could potentially modify the sound but if this is a new software update to fix old issues, then ALL F30's should have crappy sound like mine.

One positive thing that happened though was they gave me an $80 y-cable for free....but I heard I was supposed to get that free anyways. :|