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Originally Posted by NISFAN View Post

You make a big deal about being able to skip gears on a downshift, and I don't refute your information on what gearboxes can and can't.

The question I have is why? Why would you need to downshift 3-4 gears in an instant unless you had fallen asleep at the wheel?

I have driven large braked, sticky tyred M3's on track (DCT versions), stamping on the brakes at the end of the straight going from 6th to a 2nd gear corner, and have never thought 'Jeez this gearbox needs to change down quicker'
+1, including the track experience with a DCT. In fact, I have never been caught out of gear with an old fashioned 6-speed manual on the track.

Additionally, while the ZF marketing literature states the AT can downshift from eight to two directly, I have yet to read or experience anything that demonstrates this is the case in the F30 implementation. (The control software is modified for each vehicle model in which the tranny is installed for engine characteristics, rear drive ratio, weight, mileage considerations, etc.)