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Originally Posted by AndDown View Post
Nice write-up, thanks for taking the time to put your observations on paper, or should I say "on the screen". Diesels don't seem to be as popular here in the States as they are in Europe, but with all the recent improvements by the auto companies, maybe that will change.
With more and more diesels coming to the US market it's definitely changing.

I was just reading up on what Mazda is doing with their new Skyactiv diesels... low compression and 5200rpm redline. 170hp/310tq. And they'll be sold in the US! Not that I want to buy a Mazda.

But it's good to see the "mainstreaming" of diesel here in the states is happening now, it can only mean (hopefully) more options from BMW with car manufacturers trying to out-innovate each other.

I love my 335d but maybe I'll get to trade it in on a F31 330d wagon at some point.
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