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Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post
A dual clutch can skip gears on downshift, but it can't skip like the ZF does, directly to the gear requested, depending on the gear it's in and the gear called for.
The MDCT is smarter/better than just "going directly to the gear requested". The car/computer is smarter than a person. There should be no circumstance where you'd need to go directly from 8th to 2nd. When you hold the downshift paddle on the MDCT, it can instantly drop to the lowest possible gear safe enough for the current engine speed. In other words, it's going to give you the maximum power for the gearing and engine speed combination. There is no point trying to out thinking the ECU (guess that you need to be in 2nd, when 4th might be better), it knows better than us.

The ZF 8AT is a great transmission, but trust me that the Getrag 7sp DCT is better
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