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Originally Posted by Casey 5
S4 too bland? Are you kidding?

I just saw an Estroil blue S4 with two tone black/silver nappa seats, flat bottom steering wheel, Supercharged badges, 19inch peelers, cool front and back LED set up. Bang and Olsen sound system. Alu optic stone guards.

If that is bland we should all sign up!

I think the Bangle era has everyone thinking if the car is not full of creases...its bland.

The hallmark of great GERMAN design is SIMPLICITY....I think we may have forgotten that point.

Go back and look at the E30 or the E39...or even the them bland? I call them German!
+1. And this b8 has been out for how many years already? The interiors are def nicer in the audis although outdated against an all new 3 series of course. FLAT BOTTOM STEERING WHEEL. That thing is awesome. Better leather quality. But I still dont understand why turning the knob on the centerstack makes a clicking noise like it was some sort of toy from the 99c store.

For me its all about the handles and i will never get into an awd again.