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Talking My lovely Alpine White /w Coral Red F30

So it's been just over a week (sorry for the delay, crazy hectic work schedule) and I've finally managed to get some time to write up this post about my new M-Sport F30

I took delivery of my shiny new beauty late last week. It was a day filled with excitement in anticipation of taking delivery that day. When the moment finally came that I rocked up at the dealer, it was such a great feeling to know my car was nearly within reach. After meeting various people from various areas in the dealership and signing away on many different forms, the time finally came to meet my beauty. A photo or 2 later, as the cover came off and I finally got to see her in all her glory after months of waiting. It was awesome

From the shininess of the body to the 19" M-Sport wheels, the boldness of the magnificent front and rear bumper to the subtle touches of the side skirts... it was a fantastic sight to finally behold. The Alpine White looked amazing in contrast to the Coral Red. I must admit during the months of waiting I was a little worried about the Coral Red, dreading that it might not be the red I had expected. The photos floating around everywhere made the Coral Red look so bright (I think even my photos do the same) but in real life it looks great. Having had both dark (black/grey) and light (beige) coloured leather seats before, seeing the Coral Red in real life reassured me that the decision was right I took a step back to admire the bixenon lights. The white halos looked super clear and I love them over the yellow halos of my previous car.

Sitting in the lovely back-supporting, butt hugging driver's seat again was a surreal feeling all over again. I was adjusting the driver's seat to perfection first then admiring the view from the inside. Slowly taking in everything all over again like I did on the test drive, only this time it was in me own car. Everything was perfect, except when I realised there's no ///M footrest (later confirmed it's normal via here ... thanks Dave). After listening to the explanations of how everything works in the car and the i-Drive, I was keen to drive out and enjoy the car The first thing on my mind was, "I'm in break-in period, should I try eco-pro or just leave in comfort?.. comfort it is" lol. Slowly I drove out of the dealership and took my new beauty on the roads for there first time (with me anyways). Churning through each gear smoothly I couldn't help but drive away with a smile. A glance or two by people who passed by, a nod of appreciation by another driver, the anticipation of waiting was now well and truly over and replaced by satisfaction off ownership.

So in the week of driving so far some things I've appreciated:
- by far one of the most pleasing aspects is the overall look of the M-Sports package, love the rear of the M-Sports over the non M-Sport
- power delivery compared to my previous is much better. From early on (1500 rpm) it seems to keep going and going (but it's been so hard keeping under 4500.. lol)
- comfort setting isn't as bad as I thought, although changing to sports (haven't done sports+ yet) I can feel the difference straight away
- fuel consumption thus far has been OK. Combined city and highway and peak hour traffic jams, so far have averaged 10.4L/100km so not too bad right?
- the sports seats are sooo much more comfortable than the standard ones
- M Sport Suspension has felt ok too... not too hard/soft/floaty
- even though the car is set on RFT 19"s, it seems that the newer RFTs aren't too bad (will probably change to non-RFTs down the track though anyways depending on how well these perform over time)
- the sound system (not base, not HK but the HiFi system) sounded very 'tinny' and was a bit disappointed at first. However, as each day passes by it seems to sound better and better. Not sure if speakers need to be 'worn in' but it sure does sound better the more I play different music through them.
- did I mention the power delivery yet? still surprised it goes so well at the lower end rpms
- the 8 speed auto has definitely help keep it under 4500rpm. The gear changes are seamless and it churns through them effortlessly
- the bixenon lights~! love that white halo

Some things I've found to be a little 'not so great':
- the rear seats were a little dirty. Some would say I'm a little OCD buti just had to wipe the seats down when I got home and that when I noticed the cloth I wiped with was very dirty after wiping
- the ASS. Stopping is ok, it's the starting up again. Can really feel the car shake a bit when the engine starts back up again. Hopefully can code this to remember last setting
- wiper blades... can't lift them up without lifting the bonnet up... is it just me that finds this weird?
- no ///M plate for the dead peddle
- the paddles to gears... I guess I'm still used to the previous generation's paddles that could up/down shift from the same paddle instead of the current one's that are one side upshift/other side downshift
- should have opted to get the extended usb/Bluetooth thing cos I can't play my iPod without the Y cable. Asked the dealer but wouldn't include it but I can't justify the cost the dealer is charging so I guess it's just USB stick for me... Not that it's bad just annoyed the dealer wouldn't throw one in

All in all I'm loving the new car over the old one. Seems like the car's characteristics are still developing with each drive and it's getting better and better each time. I love jumping in to it everyday modding her is creeping up in my mind, so we'll have to see where things lead to........

Thank you guys for reading my long-ish post. Of course some obligatory pics have been included as well (apologies for the phone quality pics... don't have anything else)

Feedback welcome
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