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Originally Posted by MarkW83 View Post
Thanks guys, you're talking me into it! It's good that it also displays the lanes to get into in the motorway, as opposed to just eg an arrow.

Also I guess there may be a fix at some point for the polarised sunglasses issue, e.g. Film over the projector etc.?

If I add it, I'll just be adding one more thing, which will be either:
-M Sport brakes (my 135i had big brakes, and I'm not sure ill be happy with the standard 330d brakes, or are the standard brakes actually good?) (515 I think)
-HUD (800)
-Surround view/rear view cameras (also 800)

Any advice appreciated
That's a tough choice. I think the HUD displays a lot more useful information than the actual nav screen (i.e. street name you're turning onto and distance).

I think both breaks are good, but the tires are more important in terms of grip. The standard All season tires are not very grippy.

Could you just add on the rear view camera? It's pretty much the only one you need.