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Originally Posted by MarkW83 View Post
Thanks; the distance/street name is displayed in the instrument cluster though, so is still available there if you want it?

Brakes: just read up on them, and it seems the general consensus is that the standard 330d brakes are pretty good, and I wouldn't notice much of a difference in normal driving? I think we get summer tyres in the uk, rather than all seasons...

I'm actually not too bothered about the rear view camera, as the car will have PDC front and rear anyway. The main reason I would want the surround view cameras is for manoeuvring in a tight space, and being able to see the kerb/lines in a car park etc., might be useful...
The distance/street name, strangely enough, is not displayed on the nav screen (unless someone can correct me and explain how to display it). If you've seen the nav screen is actually pretty difficult to read. The HUD really simplifies things and puts the most pertinent information up on the display. The speed is always displayed and is way easier to read than the instrument cluster. I use the HUD to scroll through songs and turn by turn navigation. It's more of a safety device as it does not take your eye off the road which is very useful.

The normal breaks are good in normal driving, actually more comfortable too. The M breaks make every stop an abrupt stop and really don't see any action in normal day to day driving. Make sure about the summer tires as they are great in both rain or shine.

yes, and remember that the PDC will not see the low curbs. If you've seen the cameras in action they are pretty awesome. Pretty much you only need them to see if the front bumper will scrape the curb. I don't have the system on mine, but I wish I did.