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Originally Posted by DarkTrigger View Post
There are also other fees, so when you talk with the dealer talk about Out the Door price. They normally charge about $400 for MACO (aka advertising fees), $180 training fee, $875 destination and handling fee, $150 dealer admin fees, and a $450 vehicle registration fee.

SoCal internet sales departments are all willing to do $500 over invoice. If you're ordering a car, 500 over invoice is ok. If you're just picking a 328i off the lot then invoice would be the deal to shoot for.

If you can't get $500 over invoice, just PM me I can get u that deal on any car in Socal since it's the deal my CA got me.
There is still a good deal of gamesmanship going on these days however. In reviewing your fees above in comparison to what I encountered on Long Island I see you're paying $450 for registration (I paid $75), a $150 "dealer admin fee" (I paid no such fee) and $400 for MACO (I paid $300). But I paid $950 over invoice, so the net is about the same.

Asking the dealer "how much do you want to make above invoice" sounds like you're driving the deal but is not the best approach to negotiating IMO. You can start with a discussion like that to clarify that you know "invoice" pricing, but what you want to do is compare TOTAL PRE-TAX or POST-TAX prices among several dealers and let each one know that's the approach you're taking to avoid the "fees game".