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Thanks guys for all your comments. I'm loving every little bit of having this car. Sort of felt sad letting go of the old one but the new one has kept my mind busy enough with joy

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One thing that burns me is the dipshits couldn't put the rear numberplate on straight
More pics from more angles please!!!
Lol I hope my plates are straight enough, but I do know what you mean hahaha, I'll try to get some nicer photos from different angles for you

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Congrats spikey, that seemed to take forever lol.
Strange the seats were dirty though.
Pity the tight arses wouldn't give you a y cable. I've got a spare one if you need it. And good job on the grilles.
Mate, it did seem like forever~!!! The seat weren't noticeably dirty until I decided to do a quick wipe down with a cloth... Will have to hit you up soon for coding and that Y cable you have there

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Congrats on the new purchase, that's an awesome colour combo.

About the wipers, there is a special procedure to lift them up (without lifting the bonnet). With the ignition off you raise the wiper control upwards past the resistance point and hold it for 3 seconds. This puts the wipers in a position where you can then lift them to replace them. See page 65 of the manual. There is also a procedure to get them back to the normal position.
Haha, I haven't read the manual yet. I guess that sort of makes sense to read it first... at least now I know there's a proper way to lift them

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I laughed when I saw the photo of your car covered and the uncovered car with the congratulatory sign. I never had that treatment. Very nice.

Like many of us here, do yourself and you car a favour and have the glaze removed and get the paintwork detailed and sealed. Then invest in some 2 bucket washing accessories and wash & clean the car yourself.
The car cover and sign seemed to be standard here. Got that for my previous car too. I'm starting to investigate cleaning products now to see what to get to clean her myself. Being white in colour, I'm hoping dirt, swirls, general crap doesn't show up as badly as it did on my previous darker coloured car

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Congrats spikey! Looks good. I especially like the sports bumper over the standard ones.
Your photos also proved they used an incorrect photo in the brochure. I was beginning to think m sport did not come with dual zone air.
Thanks CKAu, I think the problem with the brochure is that they used pics from US models which doesn't really depict the AUS models correctly.

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Very nice!!! I wish I waited for M-Sport....
BTW, I picked up a Y-Cable from ebay for only 20 bucks! works great! Dealer wanted 140 for it....
Thanks dragon, the wait for the M-Sport was a little long but for me, I think it was worth it