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Originally Posted by jk3355 View Post
Well seems to me that when BMW released this system to the 5 series and 7 first, it was obviously a priority to have the higher priced models get the upgrade first.

Many 13 3 series drivers are even more tech savvy. its a shame its not on the new 13s!
BMW has the most margin/profit in the 7-series and 5-series, so that's why they'll include it there, first. The 7er/550i/etc. include Nav as standard, so these people spending $80K+ expect the very best. They wouldn't take it kindly to learn the $40K 328i has more features and prettier graphics. The new Nav includes several improved Office functionalities that will appeal to a 7-series buyer, like voice dictation (Dragon Drive!) and pairing for two simultaneous bluetooth phones.
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