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Originally Posted by MarkW83 View Post
Good to hear, thanks I'm really looking forward to the car, it's a big change for me, and with lots of new tech as well

Do you think the bite and actual stopping performance of the M Sport brakes and standard 330d brakes will be very similar (and also not very different more the 135i brakes), but that the main noticeable difference will be the fade? If so, I could probably live with that, if it just means they're still good performers, but I can't use them hard for as long. If I don't get the brakes, it means I can get the HUD, you see
The reduced fade will always be the greatest benefit of bigger brakes, but also the level of bite did feel greater in the m-sport.

But from 80mph, were both cars to brake at full force, I bet both cars would pull up in a very similar difference. The bottom line is no matter how wimpy the brakes are, if they're strong enough to lock up the wheels the rest is largely down to the ABS etc systems. Bigger brakes are of a bigger performance benefit than safety - so long as the original brakes are not dangerously inadequate.

I look at it this way - great suspension and brakes is easily the equal of an extra 50bhp in the real world. You don't need to go so fast if you can always brake later and turn faster.