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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
If you're navigating to an actual street address (i.e. 5251 Main St), then the BMW Nav does quite well. Of course it's probably not going to find the closest Boston Market as well as a smart phone. And in every day driving, Nav with HUD is substantially safer and more user friendly than trying to follow along with a smartphone, even one ghetto-mounted on your dash.
I have voice nav on my phone. Included for free.

Agreed that the HUD helps safety, but there's no graphic improvement in the HUD with the new Nav.

In real life, it is rather snappy. You never knew just how sluggish the current Nav is until you use one that moves/scrolls/transitions just as fast as you can move the controller.

The good news is that retrofit options should be available in the next 6-12 months.
Just compare to a modern tablet or smartphone and you'll know how sluggish the current Nav is. Its not horrible, but definitely requires patience.

Retrofits will be expensive and will require dealer coding that may/may not be possible. And, your new car warranty?

My take is don't rely on an upgrade (as it won't make economic sense). Be OK with the current Nav or buy a model with it (or wait till 2014).