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Originally Posted by rolandleth View Post
Well, you're right; this is what i want as well, I didn't express myself properly, sorry. Of course the assistant won't start during daylight and with dipped beams off, only when I manually turn them on (or they auto start by keeping lights on (A)). However, this does not happen after changing the above FLA_AKTIVIERUNG.

On the F30 there is no FRM module, nor a FLA_AUTO_AKTIV anywhere else, just the
FEM_BODY/3060(i think?)/FLA_AKTIVIERUNG which only has LDS_IN_A_oder_2, nicht_aktiv, LDS_in_A as values (I wrote a few posts above its Kommentar which I can not really translate).

Aww, that's plain silly, if the car can detect the dipped have to stay on because it's dark, it should be possible to auto turn HBA on as well. Yea, I'm lazy, haha
Any luck on getting this to work? I also got the checkbox to appear, but nothing happens even if I have it enabled.