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Originally Posted by Dgrohl View Post
Hi folks...

I picked up my new 328i xdrive this week and loving it!!

I've owned three bmw's before and the sound quality of all of their sound systems were awesome. They all had the standard systems installed.

Thinking BMW wouldn't really go a step down, I didn't go with the Harmon Kardon upgrade.

I do have the premium package though.

What I've found is - the sound quality is SH*T!!! It sounds tinny and majorly unbalanced. I've fiddled with the tone settings and no matter what I do, it sounds horrible.

Anyone else having this problem!?
Hey Dgrohl,
I think I got my 2013 328i xDrive Modern the same day. I struggled with this. I had upgraded sound in my 2009 f90 (328i) that came w/ Premium package. I loved it. Best ever. This time in order to get Logic 7HK would cost me $5100 to purchase premium and exec package. I found this outrageous cuz I didn't want anything but sound. Btw. US lets you buy upgraded sound on its own which pisses me off. I don't know why they treat us like assholes here (how do they justify $550 vs $800 for paint, but I digress).

I listened to both half a dozen times and decided that the diff wasn't worth paying for. I regret that now in my delivered vehicle. I love it otherwise. The fit and finish inside is superb and I love all the dashboard and drive experience/ECO stuff. But everytime I blast my iPod i'm dissappointed.

I'll try the software update route but I doubt that will work. Any further suggestions?