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Originally Posted by verbs View Post
Actually that's not true stock vs. stock. The N55 makes peak torque at a lower rpm and it feels a bit torquier off the line. But it also runs out of steam up top moreso than the N54. The N54 engine actually makes about 20hp more up top than the N55 engine, so for straight line acceleration/WOT, the N54 is the faster motor. Numerous dyno tests have backed this up.
I meant N54 had more potential, but I guess you know what I meant. I have not dug into into the dynos really, and I believe you need a serious of testing of multiple cars to be able to make that judgement, but lets say you are right. My judgement is not purely based on the HP/TQ output of the engine. I believe the stock engine is overall a better engine on N55 due to enhancements they made. I.e, fuel efficiency and reduced lag. I have also seen that f30 N55 is underrated by factory and actually puts out ~315 hp...
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