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Originally Posted by blt View Post
Congrats Spikey, looks great! Good to see you survived the wait and are enjoying your car.
Bugger about the Y cable. Did Brisbane BMW throw in anything, key ring, floor mats, bottle of booze?
And I love the tyres.
Mate, the wait was so drawn out but worth it in the end can't stop smiling every time I'm driving lol. They threw in key ring, mats, umbrella and a bag. No booze this time.

Originally Posted by J1n View Post
LOL Congrats Spikey it's been a long wait for you too budd... if you need a Y cable let me know i've got a spare.
Thanks J1n, I can finally say I'm a happy F30 owner too now

Originally Posted by jctg View Post
BMW Melbourne gave me a Y-cable without me even asking for it which was a huge surprise.
The sales was like "Here is the Y-cable I said I would give you"
Me was like "Oh gee yeah thanks very much" (not remember him saying it at all)
Spikey I think you can find one on ebay for under $20.
That's great~! Your dealer took care of that pretty nicely for you

I'm going to try to take up some offers of Y-Cable here. If it works out it'd be great Only down side with the ebay ones is that I've read they work for like 10 mins then keep disconnecting