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VSS has a different ratio in the straight ahead position, so will be rated as a 'faster rack' anyway, even without the variable cut teeth.

My understnding, the standard rack is set up at15:1 with 2.7 turns lock to lock. VSS is 14.5:1 on centre, and reduces to 11.2:1 on lock, giving 2.2 turns lock to lock.

So we have a much sportier rack, even without considering the servotronic parameters.

How that is just marketing I just can't fathom. As the physical steering movement is like comparing apples with pears.

Whether users will feel it is worth having, that is different. Is a bit like the debates on whether the M-adaptive suspension "sport" setting is the same as the passive M-sport suspension. It is different in how it works, so even if there are similarities in some situations, they could never be the same. Whether all drivers feel and appreciate the subtle differences that is where we can debate all day.

The fact the servotronic function allows easier parking, is from my perspective a bonus in having the sportier steering rack.